Our Services

Clinical Data Enrichment

With hundreds of HLS engagements in our portfolio, Saxa Solutions has a firm grasp about the utility and types of data that clients are looking for – we know what is important to them. We have developed multiple applications that allow them to pull data from various public databases and use it to improve outreach activities and sales productivity.

Protected Health Information

Because of our history in the Health Care and Life Science industries, Saxa has deep experience on consulting with our clients about the proper handling of sensitive PHI data. We work with our clients to protect against the potential exposure of sensitive health information, locking down databases so that only appropriate personnel have access.

Patient Engagement

Because the patient population is growing, the healthcare workforce is struggling to keep up with demand. Saxa has worked with clients to create solutions across the HLS spectrum that are helping to shrink the “healthcare gap”. This is done through improved patient engagement, physician outreach and clearer visibility into the continuum of care.

Integrated Solutions and Analytics

Saxa has integrated multiple databases – CRM, EHR, Billing, and LIMs – to provide a central source of truth. We deploy these integrations to provide deeper visibility into activities and business processes, thereby creating analytics that are actionable. As a result, this leads to optimal business decisions and outcomes.

Healthcare and Life Science Expertise

The team at Saxa has the Healthcare and Life Science knowledge that allows us to comprehend and handle the industries’ unique needs and challenges. Saxa has worked on everything from the handling of PHI data, to understanding complex medical device sales and service processes.

Customer Journeys

Saxa has provided multiple customized sales, outreach, service and management solutions for Healthcare and Life Science companies. We create compliant, highly targeted journeys so that your team is engaged with the right people at every stage of the customer life cycle. This results in more referrals, more sales, and improved customer service.

William Symans

William Symans

President and Co-Founder of Saxa Solutions

  • Sales Cloud Consultant Certification
  • Salesforce Administrator Certification
  • Developer Certification
  • Wave Brown Belt
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

John Rounseville

John Rounseville

Co-Founder at Saxa Solutions

  • Certified Administrator
  • Certified Sales Consultant
  • Certified Service Consultant

Brandon Stauber

Brandon Stauber

Practice Director

  • Certified Salesforce Administrator
  • Certified Salesforce Sales Consultant
  • Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Certified Scaled Agile Practitioner
  • Certified Scrum Master


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