Telehealth Services Inside Salesforce Health Cloud

Telehealth Services: Counseling

We recently wrote about ways to extend Salesforce Health Cloud.

The number of ways that the Salesforce platform, including Health Cloud, can be extended is only limited by human creativity and, in some cases, regulatory requirements. The available tools and technologies are seemingly limitless.

Health Cloud Customer Requirements

Based on the business requirements for several our Salesforce Health Cloud customers, our team members proposed embedding video chat technology from TokBox inside Health Cloud.

Our customers’ requirements included wellness coaching at a distance and addiction counseling at a distance. As with telemedicine, coaching and counseling at a distance provides multiple benefits:

  • Higher quality services
  • Reduced costs for the organization providing the services
  • Greater staff efficiency
  • No need for the person being coached or counseled to travel

The additional requirement was to make video chat an integrated experience within Health Cloud, so that coaches and counselors did not need to log into a disconnected application to provide telehealth services.

A video chat session can be invoked right from within a Salesforce contact record. The person being coached or counseled communicates from a mobile app that’s customized for each of our customers.

Benefits to Embedded Telehealth Services

Additional benefits to embedding telehealth services within Salesforce Health Cloud are:

  • Shared access to information among coaches or counselors within an organization
  • Past telehealth sessions are automatically logged in the Salesforce Contact record
  • Past video sessions can optionally be archived for later review
  • Future sessions can be scheduled as Salesforce Activities
  • All data and communication is private within the secure Salesforce platform

As with all things Salesforce, permissions dictate which users have access to what information. Because of this, telehealth services can function as subset solution within a broader Health Cloud implementation.

Medical Device Manufacturer Use Case

Clinical teams at medical device manufacturers can leverage the same video chat technology within Health Cloud to train end users on proper device usage. The benefits to medtech companies include:

  • Closes the gap in relationships with a device’s end users
  • Results in higher adoption of a medical device, which improves outcomes
  • Allows for easily scaling end user training as the manufacturing business grows

As with coaching and counseling use cases, a device end user can access sessions via a mobile phone or tablet app.

Learn More About Telehealth Services For The Salesforce Health Cloud

John RousevilleIf your organization provides wellness coaching or addiction counseling, or if your company manufactures medical devices, contact John Rounseville to discuss how this technology can apply to your organization.