Saxa Solutions – Now a Part of the J2 Interactive Family

We are pleased to announce that award-winning healthcare IT consulting firm J2 Interactive has acquired Saxa Solutions.

J2 is a Salesforce silver consulting partner which, like Saxa, is located in the Boston area.

In addition to being a Salesforce partner, J2 is a leading provider of implementation and consulting services for clinical systems within healthcare organizations.

Saxa is joining J2 at a time when providers, payers, and other healthcare organizations are pushing to innovate like never before. Our respective teams and technologies are ideal complements to one another.

Saxa will continue to operate as “Saxa Solutions, a J2 company” for a brief time before merging its brand fully with J2’s. If you are a Saxa customer, we look forward our ongoing relationship. You’ll continue to see all the familiar faces. You’ll meet some of the new team members.

To learn more about the acquisition, please read the press release.

How Medical Equipment Manufacturers Benefit From Salesforce Email-to-Case

Salesforce Case Email ThreadMany medical equipment manufacturers encourage their customers to send an email to a customer support address (rather than telephoning) when they have a hardware or software issue with a piece of equipment.

The email address often has the format [email protected]. “[email protected]” plus domain name is easy for customers to remember as it is somewhat of a standard.

Early stage equipment manufacturers may simply forward all emails sent to this address to the one or two people who are responsible for resolving customer service and support issues.

Customer support cases a.k.a. tickets are therefore managed in individual email inboxes. (more…)

CRM Field Service Software For Healthcare & Life Sciences

Medical Equipment Field ServiceField service software adds value to any type of organization that dispatches service providers to customer locations.

Even among small teams, field service management using whiteboards and spreadsheets can quickly become unwieldy.

With field service software, the utilization rate of field service personnel is maximized. A high level of customer service is maintained.

When field service management is a component of an organization-wide CRM system (vs. a standalone application), information entered and maintained in different departments across an organization is easily accessible within the field service component. (more…)

Patient Engagement Technology: Its Role In Healthcare

Patient Engagement TechnologyIt’s no secret that one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare technology is support for patient engagement.

As more and more people become accustomed to (and comfortable with) using technology to manage their health, the quality and design of technology systems become crucial elements of delivering a great experience.

But technology on its own is not enough to improve patient engagement. It’s up to both patients and care providers to use those tools in a way that makes a meaningful and measurable improvement in patients’ lives.

Before a patient engagement technology decision can be made, it’s important for a healthcare provider to define the goals it wants to achieve. (more…)