Salesforce Web-to-Case: Alternatives For File Attachment Support

Salesforce Web-to-Case Attachments

All Salesforce orgs include functionality called Web-to-Case. It’s easy for an administrator to generate HTML that can be embedded on a website’s support page. In many situations, the ability for a customer to attach a screenshot, a log file, a photo or even a short video to a new Case can improve communication and result in faster Case resolution. However, with the Salesforce Web-to-Case HTML generator, there’s no option for adding an attachment field to […]

How CRM Can Help Medical Device Manufacturers With CAPA Procedures

CAPA Procedures

The FDA’s Title 21 CFR 820 Regulatory Requirement means that manufacturers of medical devices that are subject to FDA regulation need to establish and maintain procedures for implementing corrective and preventive action (CAPA) related to device non-conformity. These procedures must provide for control and action to be taken on any distributed or not yet distributed devices that are suspected of having potential nonconformities. According to the FDA, plans with respect to implementing CAPA should include:

CRM For Managed Care Organizations


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was born and raised in traditional SMBs and enterprises. Healthcare CRM is a more recent adaptation of traditional CRM, designed to be a fit for organizations within various healthcare sectors, including MCOs. HMOs, PPOs, POS plans and independent practice associations can now all benefit from deploying CRM technology. But the selected CRM system needs to first have been adapted to the MCO segment’s business model. Vendors like Salesforce have heavily […]

Healthcare CRM: How Multiple Sectors Benefit

Physician With Healthcare CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has a wide range of applicability across healthcare industry sectors. The breadth of healthcare CRM capabilities continues to increase. This means organizations can consolidate more of the previously disparate data and functionality onto a single platform.

Medical Device Startups To Watch In 2018

Medical Device Startup

New medical device startups continue to spring up on the landscape at a high rate. Angel List includes over 1,870 medical device startups. New startups are added to Angel List at a rate of over a dozen per month. Click on the “Joined” column heading to sort descending by when the company was added to the list. The list of medical device startups below was assembled from the following sources. Medical Design & Outsourcing MedReps […]

Telehealth Services Inside Salesforce Health Cloud

Telehealth Services: Counseling

We recently wrote about ways to extend Salesforce Health Cloud. The number of ways that the Salesforce platform, including Health Cloud, can be extended is only limited by human creativity and, in some cases, regulatory requirements. The available tools and technologies are seemingly limitless. Health Cloud Customer Requirements Based on the business requirements for several our Salesforce Health Cloud customers, our team members proposed embedding video chat technology from TokBox inside Health Cloud.

A Brief History of Salesforce: From Telegraph Hill to The Tower

The Salesforce Tower, inc. (the company) has arguably done more to advance the adoption of what’s now commonly known as ‘cloud software’ than any other company. When Salesforce (the product) was first launched, a majority of business people were distrustful of any third party holding their valuable contact data. Because of this, Salesforce (the product and company are both now referred to as ‘Salesforce’) not only needed to sell the idea of using a browser as a […]

eNeura Addresses Its Unique Business Requirements with Salesforce Health Cloud and Saxa Solutions

eNeura Medical Device

Over 36 million people are impacted by migraine headaches in the U.S. each year. Unlike common headaches, migraines are accompanied by symptoms that range from nausea to seeing spots or flashing lights. A migraine attack can last up to 72 hours. For people who suffer from migraines, traditional prevention and treatment options often come with negative side effects. One prevention option is an epilepsy drug called topiramate. Topiramate effectively slows down the brain, which reduces […]

Salesforce Lightning: Is It Time To Make The Move?

Time To Move to Salesforce Lightning?

Since the Salesforce Lightning Experience was first announced at Dreamforce ‘15, it has received mixed reviews within Salesforce and analyst community. A year and a half ago, we were cautionary about the idea of a move to Lightning. Since the Lightning announcement, there have been early adopters of Lightning who have experienced some of the pains of, well, early adoption. There have been new Salesforce customers who started off with Lightning. They have barely noticed […]

Salesforce User Adoption: How To Get Across The Board Engagement

Salesforce User Adoption

Getting started with Salesforce is more than just a matter of turning on the licenses, building out your custom configuration and coding the integrations. The real key to success is getting your team on board. To effectively use the tool to improve critical KPIs that were identified when you started your Salesforce journey, it’s important to engage your users early on. To achieve adoption success, having a robust plan is key. This adoption plan, while […]