CRM Field Service Software For Healthcare & Life Sciences

Medical Equipment Field ServiceField service software adds value to any type of organization that dispatches service providers to customer locations.

Even among small teams, field service management using whiteboards and spreadsheets can quickly become unwieldy.

With field service software, the utilization rate of field service personnel is maximized. A high level of customer service is maintained.

When field service management is a component of an organization-wide CRM system (vs. a standalone application), information entered and maintained in different departments across an organization is easily accessible within the field service component. (more…)

How Salesforce Health Cloud Is Like LEGO Sets

LEGO StructuresIf you don’t live and breathe a certain technology, it can be difficult to understand what it is and how it works. Like many people, I’m still trying to fully understand blockchain.

I do, however, live and breathe Salesforce. Part of my job is to explain Salesforce and Salesforce Health Cloud to others.

At Salesforce’s 2018 Dreamforce conference, a sales engineer who specializes in the healthcare and life sciences industries told me he sometimes uses a LEGO analogy to explain to people what Salesforce Health Cloud is.

Here’s my stab at the analogy. (more…)

Alexa For Seniors: What Are The Practical Applications?

Alexa for seniors: Echo DotThe race is on to supplement senior care, managed care and other healthcare environments with Amazon’s Alexa and similar virtual assistant technologies, including Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

On the surface, a virtual assistant like Alexa for seniors seems like a great alternative to the traditional input devices—keyboards and touch screens.

However, while many seniors embrace technology, some seniors are resistant to using new technology. Of those seniors who embrace new technology, not all are able use devices at a high functional level. (more…)

Dreamforce ’18 – Healthcare and Life Sciences: Keynote, Lodge, Campground and More

If you work in the healthcare or life sciences industries and will be attending Dreamforce ’18, you’ve hopefully booked all your sessions.

If it’s your first time attending Dreamforce, you can get fluent in the terminology (stations, lodges, campground, etc.) by watching the videos on this page.

Beyond the many sessions, here are some HLS-specific events and locations to be aware of. (more…)

Patient Engagement Technology: Its Role In Healthcare

Patient Engagement TechnologyIt’s no secret that one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare technology is support for patient engagement.

As more and more people become accustomed to (and comfortable with) using technology to manage their health, the quality and design of technology systems become crucial elements of delivering a great experience.

But technology on its own is not enough to improve patient engagement. It’s up to both patients and care providers to use those tools in a way that makes a meaningful and measurable improvement in patients’ lives.

Before a patient engagement technology decision can be made, it’s important for a healthcare provider to define the goals it wants to achieve. (more…)

Healthcare Digital Marketing For New Patient Acquisition

Healthcare Digital Marketing to Knee Pain PatientsMany healthcare organizations are looking to increase their new patient acquisition rate via digital marketing efforts.

For healthcare digital marketing to be effective, it is important that the patient journey is mirrored by internal processes and the right mix of digital systems.

Rather than write in high level terms about a patient journey, I though I’d focus on a specific example.

Let’s look at someone is experiencing chronic inner knee pain. Here is what a simple journey map might look like. (more…)

Physician Referral Management With Salesforce

Physician Referral ManagementThe lifeblood of many types of healthcare providers is a physician outreach strategy. A physician referral management system is often used to deliver on this strategy.

Here are just a few of the types of healthcare organizations that rely on physician referrals for revenue.

  • Hospitals
  • Health plans
  • Physical therapy centers
  • Labs
  • Radiology practices
  • Hospice care organizations


12 Capabilities to Look For in Care Management Software

Care Management Software UserCare management programs allow for coordination among practitioners, UM clinicians, care coordinators and customer service representatives. This coordination results in improved outcomes for members and patients.

Corporate wellness programs are delivered by a team that delivers a spectrum of services to its members.

Historically, many health plans, providers, corporate wellness teams and elderly wellness organizations have relied on a set of fragmented information systems for executing on a care or wellness management model. (more…)