Extending the Salesforce Health Cloud

Extending Salesforce Health CloudWith a greater need than ever for healthcare providers to control costs, the onus is on medical device manufacturers to come up with evidence that their devices are producing desired results.

Providers, payers, employers and patients are all looking for feedback and data that proves the value of medical devices.

Price/performance has become so important that one consulting company has said that value-based payments for medical devices has arrived and is here to stay.

Medical device manufacturers are facing higher levels of scrutiny than ever before. How can medical device manufacturers get needed patient feedback and data in the context of Salesforce? (more…)

Using Salesforce.com to set my thermostat

Using Salesforce.com to set my thermostat

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Internet of Things.

Most businesses using Salesforce.com have done a great job leveraging the core customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), service and marketing capabilities but many haven’t really taken advantage of the incredibly powerful, flexible and extensible Force.com platform capabilities. Force.com has the ability to deliver custom functionality in ways most people haven’t even considered. In this first of a series of articles Saxa Solutions, will provide some examples of just how far you can go with Salesforce. In this article, we’re going to turn on my home thermostat and set the temperature based on a preference set in Salesforce. (more…)