Serving Healthcare Providers

Provider EMR

Healthcare providers know all too well that there is a growing gap between the patient population and the amount of healthcare workers to manage their cases. Saxa Solutions has worked extensively with Providers, enabling them to more effectively engage with their patients, employees, and partners and helping to close the healthcare gap.

Patient Engagement

From the continuum of care or through care plans, Saxa Solutions has empowered providers with the ability to engage with their patients, caretakers, and advocates. Providers can ensure that their patients are aware of all of the available services and resources that the network has to offer.

Physician and Specialist Outreach Management

Saxa Solutions has worked with our customers to provide insight on outreach activities with physicians and specialists. Further optics on referrals and intakes are captured through analytics and integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) data so that the productivity of outreach activities can be measured and refined.

Referral & Intake Management

The management of both inbound and outbound referrals are crucial to providers. Saxa Solutions has helped providers to build their referral management processes so that they understand the best inbound referral sources and that patient leakage is prevented on outbound referrals.

Physician Recruitment and Retention

With the growing patient population and the static provider population, the ability to recruit and retain talented physicians is crucial. Saxa Solutions has built a Physician Recruitment Application to help manage the credentialing, hiring, on-boarding and retention of physicians with a structured engagement model, focused on high touch outreach to medical school students, residents and physicians.